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401 Principles of Financial Freedom

In Person
Tues., May 9 – June 27,
6:30 – 8:30 p.m.,
Community Center, $250

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Live From Inspiration Instead of Desperation

Money can present interesting growth opportunities for people. Prosperity, lack, abundance, debt, wealth. These terms carry so much meaning and emotion for people. The abundance of money can bring people a great sense of security and freedom while it’s lack can bring about great insecurity and fear in all aspects of one’s life.

Perhaps you recognize yourself in one (or more) of these statements:

  • I’m broke and scared… I feel so vulnerable. I just lost my job… I’m sinking. I need help.
  • I work hard to earn a living yet it never feels like enough… I feel like I’m keeping up but I can’t seem to get ahead.

  • Everything is OK now but what if something changes? What if I lose my source of income or have unexpected expenses?
  • I enjoy a prosperous life but it feels it’s all up to chance… I don’t feel in control. I really want to learn how to intentionally prosper. I want the experience of co-creating my prosperity.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get off the “personal finance roller coaster”?

There is so much more to “money” than merely being a medium of payment for goods and services. Imagine that you:

  • Feel greater security knowing that your job is not your source of income.
  • Experience the relief of letting go of old attitudes and beliefs about money and financial freedom which, rather than supporting you, have actually been contributing to your experience of lack.
  • Engage in a regular spiritual practice which replicates the nature of Spirit in your financial affairs.
  • Enjoy paying your bills as an expression of gratitude for the goods and services you have benefitted from.
  • Feel that you have more than enough of whatever it is that you need in the moment.
  • Experience a sense of freedom, empowered and supported to creatively express who you have come here to be.

So, what is Financial Freedom?

This hands-on class—based on universal principles of Spiritual Truth—provides you with a wealth of information and numerous opportunities to test that Truth in the workshop of your life. Financial Freedom is not about getting as much money as you can but is achieved when money is no longer a restraint in your self-expression. It requires that you examine—and likely redefine—your relationship with God (or whatever word you prefer), money, debt, wealth, prosperity, lack, and even your experience of your own worth. It is the feeling of freedom that allows you to express the noblest qualities of your soul without the limitation or restraint of worrying about money.

During this class you will:

  • Gain a greater understanding and experience of where abundance actually originates from.
  • Improve your ability to work with the creative process which brings all things into your experience.
  • Identify how your first experiences with money may still be impacting you today.
  • Gain awareness of your limiting beliefs and behaviors so they can be transformed or released.
  • Honestly assess how well you’re doing in living the principles upon which financial freedom is based… and identify areas which could use some attention.
  • Gain experience with fifteen tools for change designed to reveal the divinity within you.
  • Incorporate into your life regular spiritual practices which serve to reveal the wholeness and perfection of our own being.
  • Create a Net Wealth Statement to help you honestly assess where you are at now and where you want to be in the future.
  • Prepare a spending plan to help you explore and clarify your financial activities and intentions.
  • Understand the importance of both identifying what you are grateful for (especially in unpleasant situations) and expressing that gratitude through action.
  • Experience a powerful process to help you move from fear to faith.


Michelle Medrano
Lead Minister

The principles that support a person's financial freedom are demonstrated in all aspects of their life. Michelle, as a successful mom, wife, and co-lead of one of the largest New Thought communities in the world, has practiced, perfected, and embodied these same principles. And she's ready to help you embody them too.


In Person
Eight-Week Evening Class
Tues., May 9, 16, 23, 30, June 6, 13, 20, & 27
6:30 – 8:30 p.m., 
Community Center, $250

Prerequisite: Beyond Limits (#101)

This course is a Center for Spiritual Living certified course that qualifies for entering our practitioner training program. Class #401.

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Community Center

9079 W. Alameda Ave.
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