A Time for Reflection and Projection

Simon Shadowlight
Winter Solstice has passed and now (in the Northern Hemisphere) we begin the re-awakening as the daylight and nightlight negotiate their respective balance. And so, we begin another revolution around the sun, somewhat arbitrarily designated as the new year “2022.” As is the custom for many, it’s a good time to both look back to reflect upon the last cycle and look forward intentionally to the coming cycle.

Looking Back

Regardless of your beliefs around human-caused climate change, 2021 certainly saw some major weather-related events. I have included links to a number of year-in-review articles for those who are inclined to reflect in that way:

On a more personal note, how did you do and how are you? Were you (or those you know) impacted by extreme weather events in 2021? Colorado certainly saw its share of fires in 2021 (many being impacted by the very recent Marshall fire in Superior and Louisville). While it’s incorrect to say the fires were caused by climate change, it is a fact, supported by data, that the climate trend has been and continues to be hotter temperatures and dryer conditions. The entire state of Colorado is classified as “abnormally dry”; 67.1% is classified in “severe draught”; 22.3% is classified in “extreme draught.” (source: U.S. Drought Monitor, National Integrated Drought Information System, https://www.drought.gov/states/colorado). It behooves us to pay attention to the bigger picture and resist the temptation to deny the interconnectedness of things.

How is your connection… your relationship to the Earth? Did you take time during 2021 to establish or deepen that bond? Did your behavior change in any way that signifies for you a greater caring for the Earth? No judgment. This is simply a time to reflect.

Looking Forward

Things are shifting. The old systems are thrashing about… perhaps sensing—and resisting—that shift. There is a call to join in and support the emergence of a new consciousness. Spiritual work is often thought of primarily as a means of personal development but there is another dimension less frequently discussed. The lovers of God understand that this world of forms is truly first created on the inner, subtle realms; that no plant arises without a corresponding seed. While there are many ways in which to perceive and understand “inner work,” you may find the following article of interest: The Web of Light.

So, what seeds will you plant in 2022? In what ways will you celebrate, illuminate, and consecrate your sacred relationship with the Divine as it reveals itself as this beautiful planet-being we refer to as “Earth”? In what ways might you sustain and give back? In what ways will you explore what it is for you to live more in harmony; to live as a beneficial presence; to turn from an extractive-consumptive way of living to one of being a nurturing and regenerating contributor? Will you—will I—be part of the problem or part of the solution?

For those of you inclined and willing to explore specific, climate-friendly resolutions for the coming year, you can check out this article from Green Faith that may assist you: Green Faith Low-Carbon Resolutions.

Additionally, in a separate article—Courting the Land—I’ll offer a practice that you can consider as a way of entering into a conscious relationship with a section of land personal to you.

However you have shown up in 2021 and whatever unfolds for you in 2022, be gentle with yourself. We are all in this together and—I believe—doing the best we can, collectively and individually, in each moment. And, having said that, we can do better. This is the way it is on the journey of awakening: each moment is an expression of perfection unfolding into the perfection of the next moment. And so it is. 

Peace and blessings,
Rev. Simon