Earth's Power Places: An Introduction to Ley Lines

Zemirah Jazwierska
Since ancient times, humans have been sensing power spots on Earth, places where the energy is amplified and powerful events take place. These were the places where the temples, shrines, cathedrals, prehistoric standing stones, burial grounds, Dolmas, cairns, kivas and statues were placed. Rituals and ceremonies celebrating birth, death, the cycle of the seasons, prayers and gratitude to Mother Earth, Father Sky, gods and goddess and Great Spirit were offered, royalty buried, sacrifices given, and many other sacred acts occurred at these places of power.

Many cathedrals of Europe were built upon the foundations of pagan holy sites where worship and devotion had taken place for hundreds of years prior. And, as humans have practiced spiritually in places over time, the place tends to hold the energy or intentions of what has happened there. Perhaps that is why you can feel a sense of calm in places of worship and a sense of unrest, even un-centering energy in places of war.
In 1922, Alfred Watkins, made a public announcement of his theory that has come to be known as “ley” lines: rivers of energy that crisscross and travel within the earth, that interconnect sacred places across great distances all over the world. Although Watkins worked in the UK, these lines of energy were also studied in other cultures. The ancient Chinese believed that the land was a living entity and subtle energy forces, known as the “breath of the dragon” flowed through the “veins” of earth. They carefully balanced these energies using various spiritual methods before building tombs, temples or houses. It was also believed that failure to do so would result in “bad luck” such as financial hardship or even death could befall those who didn’t respect the energies!

Although, the concept of ley lines has caused skepticism, there are several researchers attempting to measure this energy in a statistically significant way. This research looks to answer the question, just why did our ancient humans bother to survey and engineer to search out these power locations? Why do people feel rather “good” at certain places and not good at others? Out of all the places to build, just why do the Great Pyramids of Giza, Chichen Itza, and Stonehenge seem to line up across the globe as if you could connect their dots? Along those same lines, (pun intended), just why is there a line from the southern tip of Ireland to Israel interconnecting sites that bear the name, or a derivative of, “Michael”?
As we build consciousness around our relationship to earth using our spiritual practices, we can begin to sense for ourselves what we feel, and what comes to mind, heart and body as we connect with the Earth. Remembering to tune in when you are in nature, can help to generate feelings of connection and deep peace. All it takes is to pause and get very focused, being mindful of your senses. This allows for true receptivity, to really drink in the experience, embody it and feel a sense as if you are embodying the beauty all around.

Ancient ancestors as well as those in the indigenous and nature-based faith traditions, know the power of earth and that nature contains within it everything necessary for connecting to the Divine within us, to our own Divine nature within.

I know that I have been called to visit certain parts of the world specifically in order to feel a greater connection to the Divine. This is what I would refer to as my own sacred power spots. Places of peace, serenity, or potent energy that support me in the journey inward, that enhance my meditation experience, prayer and other spiritual practices. It’s like when I sat in silence near the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, I felt supremely peaceful and focused, as if the rest of the world was standing still for a while.
Tune to the Surrounding Energy as You Walk About in Nature

This month, I invite you to go on a nature safari of sorts to tune into the Earth’s energy and the energy of nature.

Find time to go outside and stand near a tree, select a tree that you feel drawn to, as if it may hold energy or a message for you. As you approach the tree, feel the tree’s energy, perhaps smell the bark, get very close and look within the grains of the wood, notice the veins in the leaf. Take a deep breath and truly feel and become present with the tree. Perhaps sit with your back up against the roots, close your eyes and listen for a while, watching the thoughts that come and go in your mind.

Next, take the time to go on several walks within varying places in nature, in the city, or within your neighborhood. Maybe visit a mountain path, take a walk through a neighborhood near you, or walk along a body of water. Notice how you feel as you are in each place, the similarities, the distinctions. Are you drawn to a particular place? Listen to your inner directions, impulses, guidance and perhaps record your thoughts in a journal or share with another. Allow nature to be your guide inward, expanding, growing and fine tuning the art of deep listening within.

Much love,