The Healing Power of Bees

Zemirah Jazwierska
This year, since our programming at Mile Hi Church emphasizes health and well-being, I wanted to take a moment to focus on the healing power of bees. The healing power they have to awaken us to Sacred Earth.

Honey bees serve an integral and deeply sacred role in the earth’s balance and equilibrium. Since they pollinate more than one third of the crops, they are then responsible for 90% of the world’s food supply.
Since ancient times, the honey bee has been revered for its wisdom and healing essence. Ancient coins were adorned with bees, some 500-600 BC, honoring and revering the creation of honey, the first sweetening elixir. Apitherapy is an alternative therapy which uses honey bee products such as honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis (a combination of beeswax, tree resins, honey and enzymes), and beeswax to heal wounds and treat conditions such as arthritis, allergies, and other immune and neurological needs. Bee therapy has been used for thousands of years, reaching back to ancient Egypt, China, Greece and Rome. However, due to some individual reactions to bee venom, apitherapy should always be entered into with mindfulness and care as well as with medical consultation as some people are sensitive in different ways to the methods used.

There’s a mystical essence to the honeybee. They are often seen as mystical beings, their honey a divine gift. They are featured in some of the world’s faith tradition texts and writings about them can be found in the Bible, Torah, Quran as well as in Hinduism’s the Rig Veda. Symbolically, they have come to stand for dedication, teamwork and prosperity as well as many other divine qualities. The superorganism of the bee colony, their city of hexagons is sacred geometry in all its glory.

Several years back, I was perusing the abundantly overladen table of used books at the Mile Hi Book Sale and I came across a real gem entitled, The Beehive Effect: Ancient Rites—Quantum Principles by Valerie Solheim, PhD, DD, who has spoken at Mile Hi Church in the past at the invitation of Dr. Patty. This book blew me away! It thoroughly takes you on a journey into the hive and does exactly what the book jacket suggests, it transports you into a world of new awareness.
Dr. Solheim shares her story of entering the world of her beehives to find the sciences of quantum biology and physics revealing energy fields of rich, healing information. Today’s industrialization and pollution is putting the hive health and the future lives of bees in danger. Dr. Solheim’s research has the goal of returning the honeybee colonies to vitality, balance, health, strength and efficiency through the use of harmonic frequencies. In essence, her experiments found that the healing frequencies of a healthy hive could be broadcast into a hive that was experiencing distress in order to return health and vitality. Healthy bees’ vibrations could restore health to unhealthy beehives!

She writes, “A healthy hive produces higher electromagnetic, known as “EM,” frequencies or fields than a hive weakened by toxins, parasites and diseases. Energy-depleted organisms will naturally gravitate to higher states of wellbeing given the stimulus to do so to restore their homeostasis.” In essence, when given healthy environments and health-enhancing stimuli, the bees are stimulated to heal themselves.
This book prompted me to order one of her Healing Bees CD’s. As I placed the surround sound headphones on my ears I was transported into the internal world of the hive. The otherworldly sounds and vibrations were an amazing experience that brought me a sense of calm, centered peace. If you would like to check out these sounds for yourself, please visit Dr. Solheim’s website at
It’s estimated that there are presently 115000-125000 beekeepers nationwide in the United States alone, with 600 active hives in New York City. During the pandemic, interest in urban gardening and beekeeping grew significantly in popularity. This, to me, shows how sacred earth is returning, sometimes in unexpected ways, but is cause for celebration and reverence as humans around the world continue to recover and recuperate their sacred connection to Mother Earth.
We can learn so much from bee wisdom. I believe that bees draw us back to be in touch with the natural beauty all around us. For me, a great meditation is to pause, sit, and watch a bee’s dance with a flower, watching as she returns again and again to gather more nectar to be alchemized into honey. That is a sacred dance, one that feeds nearly all of humanity. These small beings serve as a giant invitation for me to return again to immersion day-to-day in the holy, to find the sacred within the mundane, and to expand my awareness that it wasn’t ever really separate to begin with.

The care and nurturing of our own environments is essential for our own wellbeing, and paying attention to the vibrations with which we connect to the world around us is key to our health. As we continue on the path to deepen our connection to the sacred earth, and to tend to our own health and well-being, we can develop through the use of contemplative practices. And, in the spirit of the bees, we can mindfully pay attention to our connections, our vibrations, and that which we consume in the way of material goods and food.

In the coming month, I’d invite you into contemplation, inspired by the bees. Here are some thoughts to consider, perhaps even journal with:

  • What are some ways that you encounter the sacred in your daily life, where does it exist within?
  • What sort of vibration is your media consumption? Do you listen to health-stimulating music, spend time in silence, or surround yourself with inspiring media or literature on a daily basis?
  • What are some ways that you re-center after a stressful or distressing experience?
  • How can we work together within our spiritual communities in order to support healthy vibration and alignment with love, health, well-being, and to amplify the nurturing energies of collaboration and connection?


Additional Reading:
  • The Beehive Effect by Valerie Solheim, PhD, DD
  • The Shamanic Way of Bees by Simon Buxton

With Love,
Rev. Zemirah