A Part Of, Not Apart From

Simon Shadowlight
As I write this article, we are just a few days into the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) happening in Glasgow, Scotland. It is not my intent to “report” on the conference or attempt to give you my perspective. However, if you’re interested, you can learn more directly from the source (https://ukcop26.org/) or, if you prefer to sample broader perspectives, you can check out the AllSides website which pulls together news “from the Left, the Center, and the Right” (https://www.allsides.com/tags/cop26?search=cop26). So far, there have been pledges from a majority of leaders in attendance to 1) cut methane emission levels by 30 percent by 2030, and 2) to end deforestation by 2030.

The small commentary I will provide is this: those are great goals that should contribute to maintaining a healthy global ecosystem. Regardless of whether you think the “climate crisis” is an overblown hoax or whether you feel it is the literal and existential tipping point that will decide the fate of our species (and many others), there is a value in having conversations like this at all levels of our society. Our species is a part of (not apart from) the natural world; the global ecosystem. Our relationship and interaction with the physical world (i.e., Earth; i.e., our one and only home) matters.

So, I am hopeful that meaningful and relevant change will come from this conference and from whatever pledges are made.

I’m also skeptical. I am not convinced that the human species has yet developed the capacity—the evolutionary maturity—to come together in some sort of mutual understanding and agreement, let alone demonstrate the capacity to engage in any significant, coordinated, global action, regarding living as a contributing, sustaining member of this global ecosystem.

In many ways, the COVID pandemic was a perfect opening act; an awesome opportunity to demonstrate a capacity to put aside our individual interests and come together to address a global challenge.

How has that worked out? Instead of unifying us, it—in so many ways—drove us deeper into our politicized, ideological differences and pitted us against each other. In my mind, the issue at hand is not about a global pandemic nor a planet-wide climate crisis. It’s about our ability—as a species—to respond in a unified matter to a common challenge; to take steps in assuring our common good (assuming we can ever agree on what that is). And yet, we struggle to agree on the nature of the challenge (or if there even is one), let alone on how to address it.

So, I turn from the conditions that seem to be; I turn from the divisiveness and the belief in “separate, conflicting sides and points of view.” Instead…

I turn Toward the One. I direct my awareness toward the One, known by many names—God, Spirit, Christ-Consciousness, Buddha-Nature, Allah, Infinite Mind, Waheguru, the I Am, Yahweh, Brahman, and so many more—the One Source out of which all forms arise; the essence and foundation of creation, the material world.

I affirm that I am of this One; a part of, not apart from, this One. As I accept this as my truth, I accept and know this to be the truth of all beings, all forms, all of creation.

I speak my Word—which, as an expression and extension of the One, is creative. I affirm that there exists, already fulfilled within the Mind of Infinite Possibility, a perfect pattern of harmony, compassion, abundance, and beauty, that is expressing as the planet Earth, a natural ecosystem, of which the human species is a harmonious and equal member. I affirm that the human species fully realizes its interdependent relationship with the rest of creation and continually seeks to live in ways which are harmonious, regenerative, and in balance with the global ecosystem.

I affirm the evolutional maturity and wisdom of the human species to set aside all beliefs and behaviors which bring discord and imbalance to the natural order—of which we are a part—and to embrace that which contributes to and sustains the web of life on this planet.

I affirm that, at all levels of human organization—the individual, the community, the government, the corporation, the nation-state—we remember and put into action our capacity for caring for all of creation. We—collectively and individually—live respectfully, in harmony and compassion, with all life; with all form.

I am so grateful to accept that this Word is already fulfilled within the Mind of God and, as such, I release it into the Law—the Creative Process—which now acts to bring this Word into form for the welfare and benefit of all beings, all life, all creation.

This is my Word, and as such, it is done.
And so it is. 

Peace and blessings,
Rev. Simon